The countdown is over...

HAPPY 2009 everyone!!

OK, so we all know that things don't always go excactly as we've planned. I had all these grand ideas (including a game to play) and great menu foods ready (including cheese fondue and a chocolate fountain)... well, it's a good thing that most of the stuff I was making don't require a lot of prep time, and as a professional procrastinator, nothing had started being prep'd by the time the cancellations starting ringing in. My neighbor Sara got strep throat that day, Trisha wasn't feeling well and went to bed early, and Crystal got sick the night before with a flu bug. So that took 3 couples / 6 people out of the expected guests list.

Our close firends, Brian and Danielle showed up around 7:30, and by that time I had already changed out of my "dressy" clothes, and into something much more comfortable and casual, since I was upset and didn't feel the need to be a "fancy hostess" any longer. So instead of the whole lot of food I had ready to go, we just had a few bites to eat (mini quiches, mini crabcakes, BBQ lil' weenies, cream cheese & pepper jelly dip with pretzels, etc.) About an hour later Mike, Lisa and Vinny (3 yrs. old) showed up and they were able to stay until about 10:00. We entertained Vinny with some Mario Kart Wii and Monsters, Inc. until he just couldn't last any longer!

After Mike & Lisa took off to put Vinny to bed, I brought out some chocolate fondue, since I wasn't doing the fountain. We dipped away with strawberries and bananas, brownie bites, and smores makings... the dish you can't see had pretzels in it. YUM!!!

Paul & Brian

Danielle & Alicia

After our champagne toast and watching [poor] Dick Clark on the New Year's Eve Countdown, the boys went out on the deck and enjoyed some cigars while D and I stayed in and did what we do best - talking and sipping champagne! We also enjoyed a little Wii Fit, and my favorite new Wii game, Animal Crossing!

So all in all, it was a good New Year's. I guess if you're going to have a party and only a few people show up, it is good to have it be your best friends that show up. :P

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Linda MacTravel said...

Looks like you had a VERY fun, intimate party! Nice snacking selections, too! Yes...having good friends is a crucial part of life! Nice pics!! Happy 2009, you two! Wii love you!

Andrea said...

If that was your "casual comfy outfit", what were you planning to wear to be dressy!? you look great! Happy New Year!

PandA said...

Well, I was in a black halter top with all these round sequins hanging off of it... would have been much dressier as a "fancy hostess" but thanks for saying I looked great! :D I enjoy hearing that!! ;)