Time warp...

I've discovered I can go back in time! Well, sort-of.

Since I figured out I can post a blog, and date it on the day it actually occured, I guess I don't really have to blog about things the day they happen... and I have a lot to blog about!

So in the coming week you will see some new posts to our blog, that are not exactly "on time" but this way they will still be "in order". :P


The East Coast Jacobsons

Hello everybody, this is our cousin Matt Jacobson.
Up close and personal so you get to know him well.
And here are the newlyweds.
Tim Jacobson (brother of Matt) and wife Christin.
Newlyweds again (in color)
Uncle Dave, Tim, and Matt.
Arriving in Philidelphia PA on halloween night, Paul and I rented a car to make the 45 minute drive over to Marlton, NJ where the wedding festivities were taking place. We made it that night to their rehearsal dinner (nice of them to invite us out-of-towners!), which was a costume party - little did we know. So we dressed up as - you got it! - TRAVELERS! That night we drove about an hour south into Hockessin, DE to stay with Matt & Alisha (that's right, we have a second Alisha Jacobson in the family - which is why she goes by Alisha #2, at least around me).
Paul & Matt bonding over Guitar Hero.
The next day for the wedding festivities, we got there a little early since we needed to follow M & A#2 (or MandA), who needed to be there early for photos. So we tooled around Marlton, ate some lunch (bad choice given the amount of food to come later that night), shopped at Trader Joe's, etc... We stumbled on this business park right near where the wedding location was, and decided to stop off and get some photos. The colors were to die for!
Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmm... gorg!
Their ceremony was short and sweet. They replied "I Do" and exchanged the rings simulaneously - no vows needed, it was just time to party!
Shortest ceremony ever! 5 minutes - tops!

Announcing the Mr. & Mrs.
First dance...

The 3 West Coast Jacobsons that could make it.


Brothers... hmmm can you tell?

The Jacobson men (minus John & Mark...)

The Jacobson women - Alicia #1 with Alisha #2
(minus Kerry - it's really too bad she couldn't be there)

Gorgeous Autumn colored centerpieces!
Cake Topper - beautiful!
On a stunning (and scrumptious) cake!
More centerpieces... each one different.
All in all, it was a short trip, but we got to see family that we can't see all that often, and spend some quality time with them. We need to have another Jacobson wedding out here on the West Coast for them to come out and see all of us next time (hint, hint John & Mark!). ;)
Sunday morning we got up (relatively) early and Alisha had made us pumpkin pancakes! We were on our way up to Boston that day... longest 5 hour drive ever (because it took more like 6-1/2)!!! See next post for more...
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