Welcome to PandA-monium!

Well now, somehow you've managed to navigate your way to this beginner blog, hosted by Paul & Alicia. This blogging is all very new to us, so bear with us as we upload, link, html, post, and subsequently blog. Our lives aren't exactly the most interesting, but as most of our family and friends are WA-staters (with the exception of some in Beantown), we've finally felt compelled to post our updates online... so now family and friends can keep up with where we are and what we're doing with our lives. No, that doesn't mean that right now we have "news" to share, but if we do, you will be sure to find it here... please stay tuned and check back often, as we will try to keep it up to date, as best we can.
Welcome to our panda-monium!

(get it?)