Bowling night with the Trans

Recently, we got together with some friends of ours (Trish & Vu) who have just found out that they are pregnant with their first child. (Congrats!) Trish used to be our neighbor, back when we lived in the Irvine Company apartments (Vu was her boyfriend at the time, and later they were engaged & married)... and ever since, we have stayed in touch with them (mostly). I'm glad we have, because we have grown to be good friends - and it is always good to have "couple" friends that all 4 get along.
You can never have too many friends!
Trish & Alicia
Vu & Paul
So Trish wanted to go bowling... First, we enjoyed some Vietnamese food at a local Phŏ restaurant. I could not see anything really appetizing to eat there, so went with the old safe standby - chicken fried rice - and it was really good. :P We then went over to Saddleback Lanes for some friendly bowling competition. The girls beat both guys in the first round, and then the guys starting pulling their Wii bowling "skillz" and kicked our butts the second round. Trish has been thinking about joining a bowling league, and even has her own ball named "Froggy" from a league she was in when she was young. I don't know how well that will work out once her belly gets a little bigger though - especially once it outweighs her bowling ball! ;)
It was a fun night all in all, with friends that we don't get to see all that often. I'm so glad we went, and we need to do it again (or something similar) soon!
Thanks Trans!

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