A's 25 Random Things...

1. I have a HUGE sweet tooth (no secret there)!

2. My favorite movie of all time is Empire Records - "damn the man!" And my favorite TV show is King of Queens, even though I've probly seen every episode 3x.

3. Im' a big sap at heart - I will cry at any sad movie - but only when I'm alone... I try not to show that weakness in public.

4. I like to make plans for everything and hate leaving things up to "chance". If I could plan everything I would - just to have control.

5. I'm a bona fide perfectionist... it's both a blessing and a curse.

6. I love to sleep in, even if I'm already getting more than 8 hours of sleep.

7. I hate working out, but feel that as I get older I need to stay fit so I can live a long, happy life.

8. I always wanted to be popular in high school, but later realized that I would rather have a few very close friends than to have everyone like me and not have any sense of friendships.

9. I used to scrapbook... A LOT. And I miss doing it. But it's also so much work!

10. I don't have a very green thumb... I only have one plant, a corn plant - and even that I can't remember to water very often (so I got Aqua Globes... and I forget to refill those too).

11. I like to try cooking new recipies that I haven't made before, and Paul is so good about eating it even if it's not that great.

12. I like to bake, but always feel guilty when eating the cakes, cookies, and breads because I know what went into them.

13. I love spending money on "kitchy" decorative things. My house is full of them, and then I'm constantly trying to buy more things to organize them.

14. I like to use my creative design skills to help my friends in their own homes... whether it's paint selection, art shopping, or designing a whole baby nursery.

15. I can Photoshop really well and I like working on it - I have fooled many with my super-impositions (if that wasn't a word, it is now).

16. I get really bad cluster headaches that last for several days at a time - I have to take 3 Excedrin just to make it through the day, and even then, they don't fully go away - I wake up with them the next day.

17. You might call me a "pack rat"... I save EVERYTHING.

18. I wish I made more money, so that I could take some of the pressure off of Paul.

19. I want to get a Shih Tzu puppy, but am afraid I could not care for it right (if it's anything like a corn plant)... so instead we have a Beta fish (and Paul takes care of it).

20. I want to have kids one day, but am afraid my "life" will be over once I do.

21. I currently don't attend a church, although I am a Christian. I love the Lord, I pray every day, and I have faith that things will always work out for His perfect will and purpose.

22. I have often wondered what my life would be like if I had done just one small thing differently - like gone to a colllege out of state, or travelled abroad for a year, or gotten a big-time design job just out of school...would anything be different?

23. I miss my friends and family back home in WA state. I thought we would have moved back there by now, but with the economy rut we're stuck in, it's looking like a long way off.

24. I'm in love with Dave Matthews - he'd be my "one night pass", and Paul's OK with that... I think.

25. I love my husband more than words can say (and more than Dave), and the life that we've created togeher.


Andrea said...

Very cool, Sha! I'm not going to do this (see #20) but I will say that #4-#10 we have completely in common! And #11-13 & #17 we are completely opposite! As for #20; your life AS YOU KNOW IT will change! But, your life as it will be will begin! It's a beautiful thing! See your #21!! Love you!

Evey said...

So yeah, you should blog!

PrettyThings said...

Shash, you know I have two VERY spoiled dogs...and I am currently in the process of killing two plants. You could care for a pup. :-)

Thank you for introducing me to Excedrin migraine in college - you have saved the day many times for me!!!

If you get a dog, it's like easing into not having a life. In a mostly-awesome way. :-)

Greg Prosmushkin said...

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