Working hard or hardly working???

P: Well, P has been working non-stop at his new job (which is going well now that it's been about 3 months and they are starting to get somewhere with the banks). We were just down in Oceanside last night at a company-wide 'Surf & Turf' (yummy!) event hosted by the co-owners. I got to meet some of the people that work with P, and I think they now like me better than him!

There was a raffle, which P was not eligible for (boo!)So instead he got to draw the names

There was food; there was drink - and plenty of it!

There were some gang signs...?
There were some strange signs...?
There was some dancing... badly.And then there was laughter - and plenty of it!And there were some group photos taken:

Paul with co-owners Matt and Mark Team "Don't hate; negotiate!"Keri, Paul, Ave, Matt, & Kindra
The whole gang - Paul, Ave, Mark, Kindra, Matt & Keri

And, yes, I was there... here's a pic to prove it

A: And I have been, well, let's put it this way - trying to work non-stop. I have gotten 2 clients now (and possibly a 3rd in another month or so) with my interior design work, and I'm still working the 2 other part-time jobs (the lighting store, and the Ebay listings). I also just got an "offer" for another part-time Ebay lister, for a gal that runs a website from down here in Mission Viejo, whom I am meeting with next Monday to go over details with. If I ever get something worthy of photographing, I will post pictures then... as for now, they are "works in progress".

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Evey said...

If those are gang signs and P is in a gang, we have problems ;) lol
Not sure what gang they would be.

PandA said...

blood... haha! yah, he thinks he is so tough. :)

Evey said...

Hey shouldn't you be emailing me, you know about stuff ;)