Happy Birthday Brian!

Our dear friends Brian & Danielle Lacey invited us out with her family to celebrate Brian's 31st birthday. Most years, we've been going out to celebrate as a double-date, since their birthdays are only 6 days apart. However, this year because of our planned trip to WA, we actually celebrated Brian's birthday on the day of. Dinner at Javier's at the Irvine Spectrum was amazing! Well, the 3 other couples ordered what they call the "La Tablita" - a combo plate of meat and veggies with all your own taco fixings. P and I were the only ones to order something different... P got a Shrimp & a Lobster enchilada, and I got the Chicken enchiladas suiza (yum!). All the pics were taken after our meal was finished, so no pics of the food. But I do like the awesome atmosphere of the place - leather padded walls, waterfall wall, cool candle-lit trees, etc. Here are some of the photos (check MySpace for more):
Birthday boy & his wife
Larry & Stephanie (D's parents)
Ashleyann & Braden (D's sister & hubby)
Birthday flan!C'mon B, open wide! Here comes the airplane!
Sorry, Ash. Just had to put it in there - this is where 2 margaritas gets you. :)
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Evey said...

You posted...holy moley. :P

My only question is why have you not posted about Paul's birthday and told us about that:P

Andrea said...

Looks a like a nice place! Fun!

PandA said...

Well, I like to do things in chronological order. So, I figure, even if I don't post it "the day of", I can at least keep things in the order of how they happened.