As awesome as the VISA "GO WORLD" ad campaign is, most of the commercials have featured American athletes, and what an awesome thing they do/have done (but really should have been in a separate campaign entitled "GO AMERICA"). Well, don't get me wrong, I love to root for our country's greatest too, but this commercial in particular is my fave from the campaign... mainly because it is actually cohesive with the tag line at the end of the commercial (one of two, the other being the very first commercial in the campaign titled "Come Together"). And I swear, the commercial makes me tear up every time... or is it just Morgan Freeman's genius narration?

Also, to just recap on last night's gymnastic meet, I'm so happy for Nastia Liukin who won the gold! I was really rooting for her over Shawn Johnson, mainly because everyone was basically expecting it of Johnson to get gold - but I always like rooting for the underdog. She may not have won the world championship last year, but that doesn't mean that with a little concentration and a lot of practice, she can't beat out the opponent she's friends & roomies with for gold! She is the epitome of grace and determination!

Congrats to them both though, for going 1-2 in the All Around for the US for the first time! A great achievement for both of them.

Speaking of VISA commercials, and Nastia, this one is the runner up to my fave:

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Evey said...

Look at you, blogging like a star;) I am around this weekend if you want some help doing some stuff to purty up your blog.

Linda MacTravel said...

Yet another super post, Sha! I guess you probably get that 'rooting for the underdog' thing from me...in fact, when I was in Germany and the German team was playing in the EURO 2008 tournament, I was actually internally rooting for the other team to win! Some 'people' just get too full of themselves and need to be taken down a notch. ;-)

PandA said...

Yes, Evey I got your comment... am I supposed to reply on here or your page?

Andrea said...

Yeah, those are great! I love the music! I'm sure you saw the one with Phelps after he won his 8th gold..!? Very cool! It must run in the family...all of you root for the underdogs! Ha!